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HAHS has set an unprecedented milestone for the Haitian Community and the African Diaspora toward the recognition of the achievements of the Haitian community in America. Through the Haitian Memorial Monument in Savannah, the acknowledgement of the Haitian born Spanish General Georges Biassou  in the city of St Augustine Florida and the opening of the first Museum of Haitian History outside of Haiti , in North Miami Florida.
HAHS is reaching out to the educational system to offer quality educational opportunities to enhance your school curriculums.
We offer programs for students, preschool, High school that will be adjusted to the specific age groups and grades of the students


The Museum and Staff has much to offer. We intend to bring your students to experience history in a way that brings the past back to life.

Field Trips
We welcome field trips, we can tailor our program to fit the age and grade of visitors. Please see EDUCATIONAL RESSOURCES, below.


Museum tours with Historians or educators: $7.50
Groups of 100 people and less: $   50.00  Deposit
Group of 100 people and more: $  100.00  Deposit


HAHS through its program the HAITIAN HISTORY MUSEUM AND ARCHIVES showcases the Haitian Revolution and its impact on the end of slavery and its effects in the world.
-  Visitors can learn about the cause of the Haitian Revolution and its impact on the Louisiana Purchase, the Independence of Venezuela and Columbia.
-The role of the “Chasseurs Volontaires de St. Domingue in Savannah during the Siege of Savannah Battle. The first involvement of a large contingent of free black soldiers to fight in the American Revolution.
-The founding of the United Nation and the vote for Israel to become a state of the Union.